More Money – 7 Excellent Podcasts to Increase Financial Literacy

More Money – 7 Excellent Podcasts to Increase Financial Literacy

Not everyone has the time to wade through books as they try to improve their financial literacy. Luckily, a large number of helpful podcasts exist. With podcasts, people can listen to some great advice and get excellent money tips while driving, walking the dog, cooking dinner, or even cleaning up around the house. With this level of convenience, people no longer have any excuse not to start listening and regain some control over their financial health. Some of the best personal finance podcasts available include the following:

  1. The Clark Howard Show

Respected financial guru Clark Howard has a daily radio show that he now releases as a podcast so that people can listen at their convenience. On the show, he offers practical advice on a range of topics, from how to increase one’s monthly savings to how to get results from calls to creditors. He also discusses deals on travel, insurance, and big purchases like electronics so that listeners can save as much money as possible. Each episode also includes a brief overview and tips on how larger events could affect a person’s financial issues, as well as call-in questions from the audience.

  1. Planet Money

This podcast features a bit of personal finance advice, but the focus is really on the larger economy. Understanding macroeconomic issues is extremely important for making the most of one’s personal finances, so individuals should not discount this podcast. What makes Planet Money so valuable is that it uses case studies to delve into larger concepts so that listeners learn a bit about current events while also gaining a better understanding of the economic principles at play. The topics covered on the podcast are extremely diverse and can range from the effects of bringing more women into the technology industry to an entire nation’s struggle to decrease unemployment.

  1. Radical Personal Finance

This podcast is designed for people who feel like they hear the same financial advice over and over again. The host, Joshua J. Sheats, looks for interesting financial topics far from the beaten path of typical conversation to keep listeners engaged while perhaps teaching them something new. Some of the past episode topics include backpacking around Europe for only $40 a week, investing in rare coins, and treating spending like an addiction. While these podcasts are not for everyone, people who enjoy quirky information will find a lot about them to enjoy.

  1. Listen Money Matters

A great choice for people who are new to finance and seasoned investors alike, Listen Money Matters focuses on how to expand one’s income, get out of debt, budget effectively, and invest successfully. Each podcast is filled with practical advice around a simple topic, such as prioritizing one’s financial goals. Some of the episode topics are a bit more focused, but the great thing about the podcast is that listeners can pick and choose episodes based on their personal situation and where they think the biggest holes exist in their financial knowledge. Moreover, even those who do not own rental properties would likely learn something valuable about real estate investment from an episode on rental yields.

  1. Freakonomics Radio

Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt have leveraged the popularity of their Freakonomics books to create a podcast that takes a rather unconventional approach to economic questions. The podcast takes on some rather strange topics, but the episodes always provide some great insight into the finance industry. Dubner leads the podcast with Levitt joining in occasionally. Episodes often pull from current events, such as the Super Bowl, to keep listeners interested, although some episodes are much more unexpected. For example, one episode explains why mattress stores always seem so closely clustered together.

  1. Motley Fool Money

This podcast, which airs weekly, features stock experts talking about the performance of the market. Individuals new to investing can quickly come up to speed with the podcast, and more seasoned investors often use it to gain better insight on both corporate stocks and the larger business world. Additionally, the show features a weekly interview that looks at a seemingly unrelated topic, such as the Academy Awards or childhood financial education.

  1. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Laura Adams understands that people have busy lives. As such, she endeavors to provide short and friendly tips that are applicable to her listeners’ lives. Originally, episodes were capped at 10 minutes, but now they tend to run longer, although they remain less than 30 minutes in length. The podcast’s target audience is millennials, but people of all ages can benefit from the episodes, which tackle very common financial issues. Some past episodes have looked at ways to pay off debt quickly, how to get a loan with bad credit, tips for saving money at the farmers’ market, and how to save money when shopping for clothes.