About Don Gayhardt

don gayhardtDon Gayhardt is the president and chief executive officer of CURO Financial Technologies Corp, a leading provider of short-term financial services to unbanked and underbanked consumers. Before joining the executive team at CURO, he helped form an investment group that purchased Dollar Financial Group in 1990. After more than a decade as president of the newly formed DFC Global Corporation, Don Gayhardt was instrumental in taking the company public in 2004.

In 2010, Don Gayhardt met Chad Faulkner and Doug Rippel, two of the founders of CURO. Two years later, he accepted an offer to become the president and chief executive officer of Speedy Group Holdings, which oversees a number of international brands throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Adhering to the Speedy Cash creed of “Best idea wins. Check your ego at the door,” he fosters a collegial workplace environment and encourages employees to come up with innovative ideas.

Don Gayhardt sits on the board of the Community Financial Services Association of America and serves as chair of its Communications Committee. He is a longtime board member and Audit Committee chairman with Beneficial Bank, and is the chairman of Music Training Center Holdings in Philadelphia. He additionally supports local nonprofit organizations such as Speak Up, Bryn Mawr Hospital, and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

In his leisure time, Don Gayhardt enjoys swimming, listening to the music of the Avett Brothers, and traveling the world with his family. In the summer months, he and his family travel to their second home in Avalon, New Jersey, where they spend time boating, water-skiing, and paddleboarding.


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