9 Personal Finance Blogs That You Should Be Reading

9 Personal Finance Blogs That You Should Be Reading

blogIn today’s busy world, people often want information delivered to them in small, digestible chunks. For this reason, short-form media such as podcasts and blogs have become one of the leading sources of insight on a wide variety of topics, including personal finance. When it comes to a subject as complicated as personal finance, obtaining insight and opinions from multiple sources can help people to develop a more complete picture and make the best choices for their personal situations. At the same time, not all sources of media are created equal, and people need to be strategic about the information they choose to consume. Following are some of the best blogs about personal finance that you may want to check out and follow for up-to-date information and insights on a wide range of topics:

1. Millennial Money Man

Written by Bobby Hoyt, Millennial Money Man is a great resource for both younger and older individuals. In the blog, Hoyt explores how he paid off $40,000 in student loans while working as a band teacher. Today, much of his success has resulted from blogging, which earns him well over six figures. At the same time, he continues to provide great advice for millennials and people from other generations about how to take charge of their finances and achieve their goals.

2. Teens Got Cents

Targeted at a rather young audience, Teens Got Cents prepares teenagers for financial success in the future. The author, Eva Baker, only recently entered her 20s. The blog, which began as a homeschool project, has since developed into a full-time job with a staff. Baker, who draws inspiration from Dave Ramsey, believes that the key to financial freedom is to avoid debt altogether. Her blog helps young people to achieve this goal or at least become more strategic about their finances.

3. The Simple Dollar

Trent Hamm leverages his modest roots and history of tight finances to provides great advice about increasing your net worth by living frugally and using your credit line sparingly. Believing that financial health should not be difficult to achieve, Hamm breaks down some of the more complicated or cloudy concepts of personal finance to leave readers feeling empowered and inspired.

4. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

This blog began as the New York Times-bestselling book of the same name. Ramit Sethi decided to continue offering advice through the blog, which provides strategic advice to individuals on becoming free from personal debt and building savings. The blog has a large following and for good reason.

5. Wealthy Single Mommy

Emma Johnson has written for Success Magazine, Forbes, and other major financial outlets. Her blog, Wealthy Single Mommy, draws on her personal experience with divorce, which left her in a difficult financial situation. The blog, which aligns with her Like a Mother podcast, provides lessons for single and divorced mothers to become as financially successful as possible. While Johnson became an entrepreneur to become financially stable, single parents from all backgrounds can appreciate the blog’s lessons.

6. The Military Guide

This blog is aimed at military retirees. While these retirees have access to TRICARE health insurance and pensions that are adjusted according to the cost of living, many of them continue to struggle during retirement. Doug Nordman created this blog as a resource to learn key financial lessons. An early retiree himself, Nordman leverages his personal experience in finance and investing to provide solid, dependable advice. While the blog has a strong military focus, readers of all backgrounds can learn important retirement lessons.

7. Two Cup House

One of the more unique blogs on this list, Two Cup House explores the experiences of Claudia and Garett Pennington, who decided to move into a tiny house in order to save on living expenses. The couple spent most of their lives at fancy schools and then built impressive careers only to find themselves in considerable debt. One day, the two decided to downgrade to a 536-squre-foot house to pay off their debt in only a couple years. The Penningtons now live with no debt and support themselves entirely. Two Cup House serves as a platform for them to share and inspire other people who may also feel the pressure of debt after working toward the American Dream.

8. Wise Bread

The Wise Bread blog serves as a sort of personal finance community. A number of different authors contribute to the blog, which was established as a medium for top-notch content about personal finance. This blog is a great place for individuals to find different perspectives in the same place.

9. The Dough Roller

On this blog, author Rob Berger provides a breakdown of some of the most complicated and confusing personal finance topics. People confused about 401ks or Roth IRAs can access great content that provides a basic understanding of these nebulous concepts. The Dough Roller has become one of the nation’s most popular personal finance blogs due to its simplicity.